Ashutosh Sharma

Ashutosh Sharma is an expert hatha yoga instructor, who can teach both beginners and advanced students. He was born 1972 in Rishikesh, India. and has been practicing and teaching Yoga for more then 12 years. He studied asanas, pranayama and relaxation techniques in different schools within Rishikesh. In 1992, he met Swami Rama of the Himalayas and was sent by him to Swami Veda Bharati to learn meditation and to intensify his practices in the Himalayan Tradition. Since 1996 he has been sent to Europe (Germany, Italy, Spain and Holland), Southeast Asia and North America regularly by Swami Veda to teach Hatha Yoga and for cultural exchange. Presently he lives in Berlin, Germany, with his wife Andrea Sharma. He continues to visit his master Swami Veda Bharati yearly in Rishikesh/India for further studies in Yoga and meditation.

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